Aripo Blue Basins! What a beauty :)

Now this spot is a MUST SEE on any visit to Trinidad and Tobago. It is not as popular as other waterfalls like Paria Waterfall (see my blog post Paria Bay and Waterfall in all its glory)  or Rincon waterfall (view my post Rincón Waterfall, Trinidad) but it is for sure, one of my top 5 … Continue reading Aripo Blue Basins! What a beauty 🙂

Why you should visit St Lucia?

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a TRINI TO THE BONE MARROW, but St Lucia, oh sweet sweet St. Lucia has a special place in my heart. This small island in the eastern Caribbean with a population of under 200,000 persons is one of my absolute favorite places.  You need to put this on … Continue reading Why you should visit St Lucia?

A waterfall in Diego Martin?

What is this beautiful waterfall doing hidden in the residential area of Blue Basins, Diego Martin? That was the first thought that passed through my mind when after work a couple of Fridays ago, I visited this hidden gem on the west coast of Trinidad ❤ The starting point for the hike to the waterfall … Continue reading A waterfall in Diego Martin?

Tobago’s Other Beaches

"I'm pleased to be chilling in the West Indies. Jah provide all my wants and needs....I got the sunshine, rivers and leaves." The lyrics above pretty much summarizes how I feel about growing up in the Caribbean <3. It was sung by Proteje featuring Chronixx and is entitled Who Knows (you can check out … Continue reading Tobago’s Other Beaches

Hiking in Tobago? Part I – Rainbow Falls

Now don't get me wrong. It is not that I thought there were no real hikes in Tobago apart from the hike to the gorgeous Argyle Waterfall. But, I just personally had never been hiking I'm Tobago 😮 although I have been visiting Tobago for more than 20+ years and have been there more times that I … Continue reading Hiking in Tobago? Part I – Rainbow Falls

Swim, Sink or Float?

Do you sometimes feel stuck in a boring dead end job? Are you making a difference in your chosen profession or are you just collecting a salary? Do you feel passionate about what you do at work? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Maybe you should spend some time reflecting on these because life … Continue reading Swim, Sink or Float?