Running and Life

My medal haul for 2019

A couple of months ago I decided to begin running races again. I usually sign up for events because I find it helps me jump start my fitness and give me motivation to exercise πŸ˜‰ I am a competitive person by nature and whenever I have a race to look forward to, I train because I don’t want to perform badly. I have done a 1 mile beach run, a 6 km race and a half marathon relay where my leg was 5 km, all in the past two months. But for me, running has become so synonymous with how I feel about life. Let me tell you why:

An early morning run
  • Good Days and Bad days: There are just some days where you have absolutely no motivation to run, you really rather just curl up on the couch and watch TV or play a game on your phone, just anything else but physical movement. These are the bad days, which we all have. But, there are also good days, where you push yourself and you can run a longer distance or run your best times. You feel motivated, excited and inspired by running. This is how it is sometimes with life, we all have good days and bad days, days when we rather just retreat into our shell and block out the world and days when we are happy and in a good mood. One thing to remember is that not all days are going to be bad and not all days will be good either, take them as they come ❀
  • Burn out is real: Even though I enjoy running, I am cognizant of the fact that too much of anything is good for nothing. If I run too much, push myself too much, I could become burned out. I am not a professional runner and I am not training for the Olympics. So while you have to push yourself to be able to improve, you can’t push yourself too much that you become too exhausted or even injure yourself. This same theory can be applied in your everyday life, whether it be with regards to your job or a business that you are running, push yourself but also pace yourself πŸ˜•
  • Goal Setting: Although I am not a professional runner, I don’t just run for fun. I like to set goals for myself in the form of races and medals that I collect. I am always training for some future event. Goals help keep me on track and give me something to work towards. You should set goals for your home-life and your career for both the short term and the long term πŸ’‘ It helps to give you purpose for an activity.
  • Compete against yourself: My favorite running app is Strava. I like to use this app because it makes it easy to compete against myself and my past runs. I see running as a personal thing, I am trying to beat my own best time, if I did a 5k in 32 mins this month, next month I want to do it in about 31 mins or less. This is also how I like to approach life, everyone shines in their own way at their own time, you cannot spend your life trying to compete against someone else, they have their own path and journey, they are running a different race than you 😎



So push yourself but know when to stop and take a break. Have fun and sometimes all you need to do is take that first step to get moving again. Set goals for yourself and continue running! Do you run often? What is your major motivation for running or exercising?

Much Love


3 thoughts on “Running and Life

  1. Congrats! Those are pretty medals. I think that’s what happened to me, my joints burned out. I tried to do tennis, piloxing (boxing with pilates), zumba and yoga all weekly and one knee just acted up 😦 Now I couldn’t jog anymore with my hubby and I had to stop everything 😦 Waiting to heal though but I’d try to just stick to yoga/pilates and my first love, tennis. Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚

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    1. Aww thank you and yes I understand the struggle, sometimes we really just try to do too much and end up just physically not being able to keep up with it. I just try to stick to a few activities like running and volleyball. I love tennis thou so that is a great one and yoga is awesome lol. Thanks re the medals, they truly are part of my motivation, I always check what medal you will be collecting before I register for an event πŸ™‚ LOL

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