Looking for Batman in Tamana Bat Caves

Are you a fan of Batman? Did you know that there are bat caves not only beneath Gotham City but also right here in sweet TnT ❤ If you ever fancy visiting a bat cave similar to where Batman has his hide out, you can always hike to Tamana Bat Caves in central Trinidad. This … Continue reading Looking for Batman in Tamana Bat Caves

Avocat Waterfall

The North Coast of Trinidad is filled with many beautiful waterfalls. Rincon waterfall  and Paria waterfall are the most popular (check out my blog post on these beloved waterfalls), but for a first time hiker or someone now beginning a fitness journey, Avocat Waterfall located in Blanchisseuse with the rooftop balcony / jacuzzi is the place … Continue reading Avocat Waterfall

Tobago’s Other Beaches

"I'm pleased to be chilling in the West Indies. Jah provide all my wants and needs....I got the sunshine, rivers and trees...green leaves." The lyrics above pretty much summarizes how I feel about growing up in the Caribbean <3. It was sung by Proteje featuring Chronixx and is entitled Who Knows (you can check out … Continue reading Tobago’s Other Beaches

Hiking in Tobago? Part I – Rainbow Falls

Now don't get me wrong. It is not that I thought there were no real hikes in Tobago apart from the hike to the gorgeous Argyle Waterfall. But, I just personally had never been hiking I'm Tobago 😮 although I have been visiting Tobago for more than 20+ years and have been there more times that I … Continue reading Hiking in Tobago? Part I – Rainbow Falls

Rincón Waterfall, Trinidad

Rincón waterfall is another one of my favorite spots in Trinidad.  My first trip to this location was in September 2015 and I was honestly so stunned that such a tall, mesmerizing waterfall existed in Trinidad. It was only in 2015 that I started hiking and visiting a waterfall such as this, on my island was … Continue reading Rincón Waterfall, Trinidad

Feeling for a Mud Bath? Hike to the Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano

Have you ever had a mud bath? Is submerging yourself in a pool of mud an item on your bucket list? Well you need to take a trip to the Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano located in Penal, Trinidad. The drive from Grand Bazaar to Bunsee Trace takes about 1 hr 30 mins with no traffic. … Continue reading Feeling for a Mud Bath? Hike to the Bunsee Trace Mud Volcano