Avocat Waterfall

The North Coast of Trinidad is filled with many beautiful waterfalls. Rincon waterfall  and Paria waterfall are the most popular (check out my blog post on these beloved waterfalls), but for a first time hiker or someone now beginning a fitness journey, Avocat Waterfall located in Blanchisseuse with the rooftop balcony / jacuzzi is the place for you. This is a charming spot and I am sure you will enjoy revisiting it over and over again ❤

The Beautiful Avocat Waterfall

You can reach this waterfall after only a 25 min walk along the river. You park at “Pops” place and proceed to the start of the trail by the river. The hike is rated easy and is mostly flat, except for when you are almost at the waterfall. It is a perfect family hike and the trail is truly lovely 😎 (NB. There is longer way that takes about 1 hr 15 mins to the waterfall and has a different starting point.)

On our way to the waterfall…
Photoshoot at the waterfall 🙂

The water is pretty much always cold, but it is extremely refreshing. Once you get in, you will not want to leave, trust me! 🙂 The pool is deep but not very big so when visiting this spot, you want to go early and avoid holiday weekends when there maybe crowds and crowds of people. 


My favorite thing about this waterfall, apart from the lovely trail, it is the rooftop jacuzzi. This is my spot. Of course, the first time you go to the top, it is a little bit scary but the view from the top is worth it. The rocks are slippery and you must be sure not to go to close to the edge but if you go to Avocat Waterfall, I think you should make it to the rooftop at least once 🙂

The view from the rooftop jacuzzi

So next time you are looking for an easy hike to do or if you never hiked before, this is a perfect place for you to visit. Easy hike, beautiful trail, stunning waterfall, bonus rooftop jacuzzi 🙂 It is worth the drive to Blanchisseuse

Looking at the waterfall as you head to the top

A little about me: My name is Celeste and I am hike leader with Hikers United. We hike at least once a month to various waterfalls and beaches throughout Trinidad and Tobago. I hope you can join us sometime soon. You can follow us on FB and IG.

Much Love


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    1. Lolololol…..yes you will enjoy it. It can be done the easy way or hard way . There is another beautiful set of pools close by called Three Pools that you will love also. I will do a post about it later.

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