Hike to Twin Falls in Brasso Seco Village

Wow, Twin Falls1 is one of the true hidden gems in Trinidad and Tobago, I am in awe of this spot😍. Honestly, every time I go on a hike to a new location and find a spot like this, I fall in love with hiking all over again 🌲💧. God really took his time when creating Trinidad and Tobago and we are indeed blessed to be able to see the beauty of God’s work.

Twin Falls
Hike to Twin Falls, the river portion

Twin Falls is located in the Manchuria Estate in the village of Brasso Seco. Brasso Seco is a quiet village nestled in the hills of the Northern Range in Trinidad ⛰. The only road access is to drive along the Arima-Blanchisseuse road. The road from Arima to Brasso Seco is paved in parts and isn’t too bad but the stretch from after the Brasso Seco turn off to Blanchisseuse isn’t the best. (N.B. The stretch from Avocat Waterfall to Blanchisseuse isn’t too bad thou, it is from Brasso Seco to Avocat Waterfall that is in a bit of a mess). Take your time with your cars, driving an SUV or 4×4 is preferable, however, my small car (Toyota Prius C / Aqua) 🚘made it, slowly but surely.

The view from Las Lapas on the Arima – Blanchisseuse Road

The hike is fairly easy and is good for first time hikers and families😄. There is 20 minute, 1.25 km walk along the road to the the river with a small uphill and downhill portion, just enough to make sure that you build up a sweat and feel like you did some sort of workout. When you arrive at by the bridge which crosses the river, you then come off of the road and head upriver🏞.

I am 5ft 5″ and at times the river was waist height and a little deeper. FYI, you will get wet on this hike so dress appropriately and carry any valuables in a waterproof bag. Also, be sure to go on this hike with a responsible hiking group such as the group I hike with, Hikers United, as they will provide life jackets for those persons who cannot swim or are afraid of waist high water. The journey through the waist-high water is fairly short (about 2 – 3 mins) and it only took us about 15 mins hiking upriver before we arrived at the first level, Twin Falls💧.

Level 1 – Twin Falls

The lovely Twin Falls, is one of the most idyllic waterfalls that I have ever been to in Trinidad 🥰. Twin falls is the first level (given this name by another hiking group because there are two waterfall side by side), but we actually visited three waterfalls along this river course. The second waterfall has a scenic gorge leading to it. You need to climb up the Twin Falls to reach to the second level.

Level 2 – The Gorge
Level 2

The third level is a bonus waterfall. It has a smaller pool and is a bit more challenging to get to. You can either use the rope on the left side of the gorge on level 2 (see the pic below), or climb up the side of the waterfall on level 3 as seen in the pic above. Be very careful if you are heading to the 3rd level 🙏.

Trek to Level 3, using the route with the rope
Chillin on Level 3

All in all, this has to be added to my list of favorite waterfalls in Trinidad and Tobago. It is worth the drive to Brasso Seco for sure and I am looking forward to visiting this spot again with the Hikers United Crew ☺️.

Level 3

Much Love,


1Twin falls is the unofficial name for this location. No one knows if there is a name for it and the guide we went with called it “Twin Falls” for the side by side waterfalls on the first level.

I am a long time hike-leader with the Hikers United Team. Feel free to check us out on IG, FB and TikTok.

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