Turure Water Steps – One of my favorite spots in Trinidad


There is always that one place, that you can never get tired of visiting. Turure Water Steps, is that place for me ❀ Pronounced “Too – Roo – Ray”, this series of limestone waterfall steps is located in Valencia and is considered one of the easy hikes in Trinidad. It is a perfect beginner’s hike and is suitable for persons of all ages.


20180402_163454.jpgThe trail to Turure Water Steps  is one of the most beautiful and scenic in Trinidad. The turn off for the trail  is about 15 mins from Royal Castle Valencia along the same road as the Valencia Eco Resort. You drive for about 15 mins along a dirt road until you come to a bridge where the trail starts. Hiking time is about 30 – 40 mins with only one uphill part of the trail, which lasts about 5 mins (as soon as you start to feel the burn, it is over) πŸ˜€




When you arrive at the first level, you are taken aback by the beauty of this waterfall. It seems unreal.

20190329_161544 (1)2.jpg

And then you venture further, and climb to the second level and feast your eyes on this emerald green pool “in the middle of the bush.” Sometimes, when we take hikers to Turure, they end up just wanting to stay at this level because, “What more could there be to see? This is enough. But, we always encourage them to go, just a little bit further, hike for five more minutes and see the large waterfall that Turure is known for πŸ™‚



Now, I have been to Turure on many occasions, and because it is such an easy hike, it is extremely popular. Anytime my friends and I hike here or whenever we are taking hikers on this particular trail, we always strive to be the first persons to reach Turure, because that is when you see it in all its glory, that is when the water is pristine.

When you visit Turure, if it rained a lot the night before or in the days before your hike, or plenty persons walked through the pools before you arrived, the water gets muddy and brownish because of the sediment at the bottom is disturbed. Hence, it is best to visit here when there has not been too much rain beforehand and also early in the morning to see it in all its splendor πŸ˜›





If you are looking for an easy hike, this is perfect spot for you ❀

PS. I am currently a hike-leader with Hikes United club. You can follow our adventures on facebook or instagram @HikersUnited.

Much Love


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