Argyle Waterfall…it is worth the trip

Chilling at the top of one of the levels πŸ™‚

Without a doubt, Argyle waterfall is the most well known waterfall in Tobago. There are so many areas for you to discover, it is a real adventure visiting the various levels and relaxing at one of the mini waterfalls at each level. If you are making a trip to Tobago, it simply is a place that you must visit πŸ™‚ It is impossible to have a bad time at such a beautiful, serene, peaceful, refreshing waterfall ❀

The highest level I ventured too.. I think it was about the 5th level

Argyle waterfall is located in the village of Roxborough, Tobago and is approximately a 1 hour drive from Crown Point, Tobago. There are many levels to these falls and the last time I visited in December, I climbed up five levels and was told by one of the guides that there was actually further to go if we continued hiking.

Me, at the base of the waterfall….ground level

The trail is beautiful and the hike is not difficult (about 15 mins one way) along a wide path that is easy for even for an inexperienced hiker. There is a small entrance fee ($50 TT for locals and $60 TT for foreigners) that you pay on arrival and secured parking for your vehicles at the start of the trail.

The beautiful trail πŸ™‚

This waterfall could get very busy during the  peak season (July – August vacation, Easter vacation) and it is suggested that you visit during the off seasons or early in the morning so that you can enjoy the waterfall more πŸ˜€

2nd or 3rd level

Next time you are heading to Tobago. Be sure to put Argyle Waterfalls as one of your places to visit, you will not be disappointed ❀

PS. A little about me, I have been hiking for about 5 years and I am currently a hike-leader with HikersUnited (IG and FB).

Much Love


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