Nothing Beats a Mayaro Road Trip :) Part II

After stopping by The Book Junkie Bookstore, we continued on the road to Mayaro. On the second leg of our Mayaro Road Trip we headed into the  vibrant fishing village of Ortorie Mayaro. Our fist stop was a beach filled with sea shells off Point Radix Road. My mother again had mentioned this spot to me as she said it reminded her of what Mayaro Beach was like when she was growing up. The good old days when my mom and her siblings used to pick chip chip on the beach.

So we just had to stop by this beach so I could see it for myself. When we jumped out, I was shocked to see the number of sea shells on the seashore. It was truly amazing! ❤

When last have you seen a beach like this in Trinidad and Tobago? This was MY FIRST TIME ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

So many sea shells!!!
The beach
20191102_135952 (1)
All Smiles 🙂

After admiring all the lovely seashells, we continued on our journey. I had heard about and seen stories about a lobster place in Ortorie on the radio, on Facebook and all over Instagram. I decided that this should be our next stop 😎

It was about 2 pm when we finally arrived at Ducky’s Ortorie Organic Roast Sea Food. The place had gone viral online and although we expected it to be busy, we were still surprised by the amount of people that were there. There were so many cars and even a BIG MAXI!  More than 50 people waiting on lobster and fish. It is located right across the road from Point Radix Road which is right after you cross the Ortorie Bridge.

Some Juicy Lobster
Ducky tending to some roast fish

Ducky’s Ortorie Organic Roast aka DOOR Sea Food (you can find them on IG or FB) is an outdoor seafood restaurant that specializes in cooking fresh lobster and fish right in front of you and it really is mouth watering. Ortorie is a fishing village so they catch the fish and lobster and you pick the one you want and they season it and cook it for you on fig leaves, the fisherman’s way!

They sell lobster, lobster and shrimp and any kind of fish that your heart desires (carite, red fish, king fish, salmon, towat), whatever you want, I am pretty sure Ducky has it or he can send a boatman to get it for you. I am serious! It is a fishing village……..there are boats right across the road.  For me, the highlight was the lobster thou, it really could make your heart skip a beat just by looking at it. Like love at first sight 😀

We wanted to try it but after speaking to a lady who said she was waiting for her food for about 2 hours 😦  we decided that we were too hungry to wait for this food. Maybe I will get a chance to try it on another trip on a random weekday, it is too busy for me on a weekend :/

I will be back soon for this feast 🙂

Check out this interview with Ducky for Propa Eats, makes you feel to drive to Mayaro right now doesn’t it?

After my Uncle Lennox had a drink by the bar across the road from Ducky’s, we continued on our road trip. Our final spot for the day was Mayaro Beach via Bon Espoire Road.

Now, to be honest, I find this beach photogenic, the beach stretches on for miles and miles and I have actually never walked its entire length. But, it has never been my  favorite beach to bathe in. I could sit on the sand for hours reading a book or take a long walk and take pictures of all the boats and fishermen and coconut trees along the beach but bathing just never really was my thing.

But on this Saturday I just could not help myself, I did not even have a swimsuit but I went straight in with my dress on.

The beach on our glorious Road Trip day
It is perfect for long walks. I took this picture in January 2019
And also perfect for Photography. Another one from my trip in January 2019
My aunties walking along the beach. In January it was covered in seaweed. Thankfully, this has cleared up now.

The water was absolute perfection, we all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I mean I had a great time but my mom and uncle were like some 10 year old kids, frolicking around in the water and having an absolute ball 😛

My mom


Uncle Lennox
Just some kids

All in all a good day was had by all. I can’t wait for another road trip to Mayaro, next time I will surely stop by the The Book Junkie Bookstore and get a few more books and also drop off some books to be sold, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I WILL GET SOME LOBSTER AND SHRIMP FROM DUCKY’S and finally, I must remember to always walk with  a swimsuit!

If you missed Part I of my family Mayaro Road Trip…check it out here Nothing Beats a Mayaro Road Trip 🙂 : Part I.

Much Love


4 thoughts on “Nothing Beats a Mayaro Road Trip :) Part II

  1. Loved reading this. I have been thinking of going on a Mayaro trip on my next visit to Trinidad. My friends and I spontaneously used to do this in what feels like eons ago. Never visited that beach with the seashells and the restaurant must have been a recent addition. Very beautiful pictures.

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    1. Thanks Reshma. Yes girl, I think the restaurant was there for a while but it really only became popular this year and I think it will be worth the stop. And since the beach with the sea shells is so close, stop order your food and then go up POint Radix road which is right next to the restaurant to the beach and chill. THanks for reading hun and for the feedback 🙂


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