Cyril Bay – before Maracas Bay, this was the place to be in Trinidad!

Cyril Bay is one of my top five beaches on the North Coast of Trinidad <3. It is a beautiful, serene beach and it forms part of the La Vache Bay which comprises a number of small beaches and coves such as Pichon Cove. In the past, before the construction of the North Coast Road which now allows access to Maracas Beach, Las Cuevas and Blanchisseuse, this was the most popular beach on Trinidad’s North Coast. The start of the trail is located a few minutes from the Lookout at Maracas Bay πŸ™‚

The Trail

The hike takes you on a trek through the beautiful forest and it takes about 30 mins to get down to the beach from the start of the trail. The mountainside was once an estate for cocoa and other crops and some cocoa trees can still be seen. The return journey from the beach typically takes about 45 mins and is challenging depending upon your fitness level. It is therefore perfect for someone who has just begun their fitness journey and you want a hike that tests you, but isn’t very long 😎


One of the main reasons I enjoy Cyril Bay so much is because the water is so calm. It is just a relaxing, peaceful place to chill and bathe for even the most inexperienced swimmer. The water is clear and has a greenish colour and often times fishermen can be found fishing for Parrot fish on the rock jetty.

After you visit Cyril Bay just once you will understand why it was once such a popular beach for hikers. It is a lovely, unfrequented spot and it is worth a visit. There is even a tiny waterfall on one end of the beach πŸ™‚

I hope you take a hike to Cyril Bay sometime soon if you haven’t been before. If you have, what do you think of this beach? How does it rate when compared to other beaches on the North Coast?

PS. A little about me, I have been hiking for about 5 years and I am currently a hike leader with HikersUnited (IG and FB).Much LoveCelly

7 thoughts on “Cyril Bay – before Maracas Bay, this was the place to be in Trinidad!

    1. Yes, there are so many beaches more beautiful than Maracas….but of course…just for a quick chill…with some Bake and Shark and some wings…Maracas is good lolol πŸ™‚

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  1. Just started watching your blogs and saw u visited Cyril day I used to have a beach house down11 there just wanted someone to know the history of down there


    1. Sorry for the late response. Thank you very much for reading my blog and yes I too was intrigued with the history of Cyril Bay, I have actually spoken to a few persons who remember heading there before the North Coast Road was even built!


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